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Siemens IQ500, Induction Hob With Integrated Ventilation System, 80 Cm, Surface


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The Siemens ED811FQ15E induction hob with integrated hood belongs to the iQ500 series immediately hot, immediately cold. with new innovative functions for great adaptability. The inductionAir technology perfectly combines a fully integrated ventilation system.

Siemens induction hob with integrated hood ED811FQ15E iQ500 Series – black glass ceramic

Induction hobs.
Immediately hot, immediately cold: experience the fascinating powerInduction features of Siemens.
With Siemens induction hobs, in sizes between 60 cm and 90 cm, you can prepare your favorite dishes quickly and easily. With powerInduction, electromagnetic induction generates heat only where it is needed: at the base of pots and pans. The heat is generated immediately in the cookware by induction and is dispersed at the same speed when it is switched off. If food comes out of the pan, it cannot burn on the glass ceramic surface as the surface barely heats up.

InductionAir system.
The Siemens inductionAir system perfectly combines a fully integrated ventilation system with the innovative flexInduction hob. This cutting-edge technology saves space and time and will be the highlight of your kitchen.

Induction hob with new innovative functions, for great flexibility in every situation.
Thanks to the touchSlider control, the temperature is set by directly pressing a point on the control scale or by scrolling along it with a single finger.
Faster cooking start times thanks to the powerBoost function which guarantees up to 50% more power.
The timer with switch-off function switches off the cooking zone safely .
With the child safety lock, all cooking zones are protected against accidental switching on.
The advanced induction technology makes cooking food faster, cleaner and safer.

Temperature control without knobs: the touchSlider control.
Our innovative touchSlider technology allows you to control the temperature of the cooking zones either by directly touching the graduated scale or by sliding your finger along it. Sensor-based heat regulation occurs in half steps, up to the maximum setting level 9.

The turbocharger for powerInduction: powerBoost function.
The powerBoost function increases power by up to 50%. This can save up to 35% of the time it takes to heat pots or to cook in large quantities.

Safely switches off the cooking zone.
The timer with the switch-off function switches off the cooking zone safely when the selected cooking time has elapsed.

Dangers eliminated: the childproof lock.
With the childproof lock button, you can protect any induction hob from unauthorized operation. The childproof lock inhibits all hob functions at the push of a button. The lock is canceled by pressing the button again and holding it down for a few seconds.

Quick, safe and easy to clean: powerInduction from Siemens.
Instantly hot. Instantly cold. Experience the benefits of Siemens powerInduction. The heat is transmitted directly to the pans and their contents through induction coils, without heating the hob. This means that heating times are short, safety is greater and the hob is easier to clean.

Technical Data
Product name / family: glass ceramic cooking zone
Product construction type: Built-in
Operation: electric
Dimensions of the installation compartment: 223 x 750-750 x 490-490
Product width: 802
Product dimensions (mm): 223 x 802 x 522
Dimensions of the packed product (mm): 430 x 940 x 660
Net weight (kg): 25.405
Gross weight (kg): 30.3
Residual heat indicator: None
Dashboard location: Front plane
Main surface material: glass ceramic
Surface color: black
Approval certificates: CE, VDE
Length of the power supply cable (cm): 110
Sealed Burners: no
Turbo function for each cooking zone: All
Power of the 2nd heating element: 3.6
Maximum air extraction in output (m3 / h): 500
Recirculation output with boost: 615.0
Maximum output with recirculated air (m3 / h): 500
Air extraction with supercharger (m³ / h): 622
Noise (dB (A) re 1 pW): 69
Odor filter: no
Operating mode: convertible
Delay Shut off modes: 30
Electrical connection nominal data (W): 7400
Voltage (V): 220-240 / 380-415
Frequency (Hz): 50; 60
Main color: black
Approval certificates: CE, VDE
Length of the power supply cable (cm): 110
Dimensions of the installation compartment: 223 x 750-750 x 490-490
Product dimensions (mm): 223 x 802 x 522
Dimensions of the packed product (mm): 430 x 940 x 660
Net weight (kg): 25.405
Gross weight (kg): 30.3

Professional equipment:
TouchSlider (mono)

Without frame

L: 190mm, 210mm / L: 190mm, L: 210mm / L: 190mm, 210mm / L: 190mm, 210mm
2 Combi zones
reStart function
QuickStart function
Timer CountDown function
17 power levels

Environment / Safety:
Pan recognition PowerManagement function Safety switch Child safety Protective cleaning function
Residual heat indicator for each zone
Main switch
Power consumption of the display

PowerBoost function for each induction cooking zone

Dimensions of cooking zones
Cooking zones: 1 x 380 mm x 210 mm, 3.6 kW Induction or 2 x 190 mm, 210 mm, 2.2 kW (max. Power 3.7 kW) Induction

Technical information:
Niche dimensions required for installation (HxWxD mm): Top thickness: 223 mm x 750 mm x 490 mm – 490 mm
Product dimensions: (HxWxD mm): Top thickness: 223 mm x Width: 802 mm x Depth: 522 mm
Can be integrated into 60 cm built-in niches
Min worktop thickness 16 mm
Connection cable length: 110 cm
Connection cable included
Connection value: 7.4 kW

Integrated suction system
Induction hob with fully integrated high-performance extractor hood .
Optionally, operation with exhaust air or recirculation ( special accessories are required in any case):
HZ9VEDU0 for ducted extraction
HZ9VRPD0 for fully and partially channeled recirculation with cleanAir odor filters. – HZ9VRUD0 for non-conducted recirculation with cleanAir odor filters.
Fully flush ventilation air intake, perfectly integrated with the hob and heat resistant for free movement and positioning of the pots between one zone and another.
Suction system with 9 electronically controlled power levels and 2 fan power levels in intensive mode (with automatic reset) via TouchSlider (mono) control system
Automatic switching on of the ventilation system when using a cooking zone.
Delayed automatic switch-off after cooking to eliminate residual odors after cooking (in the specific level of the very low noise fan , 12min in ducted extraction, 30min in recirculating extraction, it can be switched off manually).
Fully manual control possible via TouchSlider (mono).
High performance and silent motor with low energy consumption BLDC technology . High suction performance associated with very low noises with pleasant frequencies through a psycho-acoustic and aerodynamically optimized interior with closed and invisible blower. Highly pressure resistant even in the case of longer and more complex ducts.
Easy to remove and clean filter and liquid collection unit:
Convenient one-handed removal of the unit via the floating glass ceramic handle.
Integrated, large, high-performance stainless steel grease filters with 12 filtration layers and a black top layer for improved aesthetic integration. 94% grease filtration efficiency.
All parts of the unit are easy to clean, fully dishwasher safe and heat resistant.
Top) Liquid collector with 200ml capacity for standard accidental spills or cooking condensate.
Powerful drainage system for spills exceeding 200ml of liquids.
Safety collector for liquids with additional capacity of 700ml for more serious accidental situations. Dishwasher safe. Easily accessible and detachable from below.
Total capture capacity of 900ml (200ml + 700ml).
Watertight blowing system.
Performance of the ventilation system:
Extraction performance in ducted extraction (according to EN 61591): setting min. normal 154 m3 / h, normal setting max. 500 m3 / h, max. Boost- / Intensive setting 622 m3 / h.
Extraction performance in recirculating extraction (according to EN 61591): setting min. normal 150 m3 / h, normal setting max. 500 m3 / h, max. Boost- / Intensive setting 615 m3 / h.
Noise level in ducted extraction ( Sound power level according to EN 60704-3): min. normal 42 db re 1 pW, normal setting max. 69 db re 1 pW, max. Boost- / Intensive setting 74 db re 1 pW.
Noise level in recirculation extraction ( Sound power level according to EN 60704-3.): Setting min. normal 41 db re 1 pW, normal setting max. 68 db re 1 pW, max. Boost- / Intensive setting 72 db re 1 pW.
Efficiency of the grease filter (according to EN 61591) 94%.
All performance data is preliminary and is based on the results of the latest tests with advanced prototypes and will be updated with final product testing.
Data on consumption and energy efficiency (according to Regulation (EU) No. 65/2014):
Energy efficiency class: B (in a range of energy efficiency classes from A ++++ to D).
Dynamic Fluid Efficiency: A.
Average energy consumption: 57 kWh / year
Grease filtration efficiency class: B.
Min noise normal and max setting. normal setting : 42 db & 69 db.
2 x 2 batteries of cleanAir high performance odor filters directly integrated (in recirculation configuration).
Optimized odor reduction performance for cooking applications with complex odor molecules (e.g. fish).
Large filter surface with high odor reduction
Duration of 360 hours of cooking (non-regenerative).
Low noise filters with optimized psycho-acoustics.
Easy access and easy to remove from the top.
Refilling the cleanAir HZ9VRCR0 filter set.
For ducted extraction configuration: 2 x 2 Battery of directly integrated, high- performance low-noise acoustic filters for significantly lower noise and improved psycho-acoustics.

Planning and installation notes
Optionally for operation with exhaust air or recirculation air (incl. Differentiated software mode). Mandatory installation accessories are required:
HZ9VEDU0 for ducted extraction.
HZ9VRPD0 for fully and partially channeled recirculation with cleanAir odor filters. Starter kit HZ9VRUD0 for non-conducted recirculation with cleanAir odor filters.
Planning Tips:
Installation is possible in both island and wall configurations .
The product complies with the Needle Flame Test (according to IEC 60695-5-11), flammability class V2 (according to UL94) and building material class B1 (DIN 4102-1). The HZ9VRUD0 starter kit for non-induced recirculation also complies with these standards.
The maximum immersion depth is 223 mm below the glass for top-mounted luminaires and 227 mm for flush-mounted luminaires .
The appliance must be freely accessible from below (i.e. to access the lower safety liquid collector).
There is no need for a false floor under the hob with integrated ventilation system. The drawers and / or shelves of the floor unit must be removable. The rear panel of the floor unit can be stored – only an opening is needed for the air outlet (position and dimensions can be found in the assembly instructions).
The HZ9VRUD0 “Plug ‘n Play” starter kit for non-ducted recirculation requires a vertical opening of min. 25mm behind the back panel of the cabinet. For ideal performance, a 50mm aperture is recommended .
The minimum worktop thickness is 16mm for appliances mounted above and flush with the standard installation system. Installation in even thinner worktops is also possible with the spare part: content 626792.
The total weight of the device is 26 kg – the load-bearing capacity and stability, particularly in the case of very thin worktops , must be supported with suitable substructures. The overall weight of the appliance and the structural integrity specifications of the countertop manufacturer must be considered.
The HZ9VRUD0 “Plug ‘n Play” starter kit for non-ducted recirculation , allows quick and easy installations and can be planned in all depths of the worktop ≥60cm. For ducted installations – in ducted extraction (HZ9VEDU0) as well as in fully or partially ducted recirculation (HZ9VRPD0) – a worktop depth ≥70cm is required .
For partially ducted and non-ducted recirculation extraction systems, a return opening of the return flow of ≥400cm² must be observed in the base area . The opening can be made via outlet grates, louvered grates or subtly shortened plinths, depending on the assortment of the kitchen furniture manufacturer.
The air outlet on the rear of the appliance is directly accessible with a male flat duct element (DN 150).
The pressure drop resistant blower allows for longer and more complex ducts up to 8m with three 90 ° arcs , while maintaining sufficient performance.
When installing a ducted exhaust ventilation hood and a chimney fireplace, the power line of the appliance requires a suitable safety switch. This is not necessary for recirculating extraction configurations .
In the ducted extraction configuration, a one-way deflector (or backflow trap) with a maximum opening pressure of 65Pa must be installed .

Special accessories
HZ390230 Non-stick pan 21 cm. in diameter

Additional information

Dimensions 80.2 (W) × 52.2 (D) × 22.3 (H) cm

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